Life Science Staffing and Recruiting

The life sciences industry comprises several segments. Each segment has unique challenges and opportunities. Valeo Resources excels at recruiting talented individuals to fill various roles across the industry. With in-depth screening, collaborative approaches, and candidate experience, we continue to be a well-known resource for companies and hiring teams to reduce downtime and find the long-term fit for their organization.

Whether you are looking for biotechnology recruiting or medical research staffing, our unparalleled recruiting expertise will enable you to reach the top talent in the market — and help your business move forward!


Life Sciences Staffing Solutions

Growth, innovation, and expertise are our founding principles. As a full-service recruiting firm, we incorporate a collaborative approach and deep screening process to ensure that hiring teams reduce downtime, hire long-term fits for their organization, and reduce the resources it takes to hire the ideal candidates.

We help the following sector find experienced professionals, add lasting value to their organization, and decrease downtime during the hiring process.


Life Sciences

With careers in the life sciences becoming increasingly competitive, recruiting the new talent needed to maintain and grow your business consistently stays challenging. With Valeo Resources, we link you to industry-leading and skilled individuals who can help improve your company’s growth potential. Our recruitment team has extensive experience in life sciences recruiting, placing top talent with the best employers across the industry.



The pharmaceutical segment is the key driver of businesses in the daily operations of the healthcare sector. Our focus is to help with the growing need for experienced professionals in the pharma industry. We design and execute custom recruitment programs that combine a collaborative approach with our screening process, providing clients with resources to build successful teams in a shorter timeframe for better long-term results.



The biotech industry is in high demand of talented employees and professionals that have specialized skill sets to help bring new medicines and cures to market. Valeo Resources has a vast understanding of the biotechnology marketplace and the unique skill sets required to be competitive. Our recruiters are experienced in this industry and understand the unique challenges of recruiting for such a demanding position.


Medical Device-Related Careers

Behind innovative medical devices lies a world of pioneers. Our medical device recruiters work with candidates who are exceptionally talented in their field to bring invaluable medical instruments to fruition. Whether you’re filling individual positions or building a new department, our medical device recruiters can help you secure the best talent for each role.


Contract Research Organizations (CRO)

When you’re racing against the clock to bring an impactful drug to market and looking for leading life science experts to help your clinical trial team move along faster, Valeo Resources is here to help. Our dedicated team of staffing experts is equipped to carefully match the right professional with your unique hiring goals. We provide qualified candidates to fill your staffing needs from preclinical to clinical phases and commercialization.


The Leader in Life Sciences Staffing

Continuous leadership needs and thriving businesses demand a strong base of steady talent. Thus, our elite headhunters are dedicated to connecting high-caliber life science professionals with the best opportunities across the industry.

Here’s why you’ll love working with us:


  • We prioritize our client’s needs above all else.
  • We commit to finding the top talent, and delivering what others can’t deliver.
  • We endeavor to provide the highest quality recruitment, as well as accountability and speed.
  • We won’t stop until you get the best talent that fits your requirements.

Working with Valeo Resources means you get access to the best in the industry, without having to do any heavy lifting because we do that for you. Are you feeling out of place? We won’t let that happen.