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Project-based recruiting contracts are a great way for companies to fill short-term positions without the hassle of hiring a full-time employee. Contract Recruiters will source, screen, and communicate with candidates on your behalf. After your requirements of the contract are completed, the contract is over and your organization no longer has the expense of recruiting. These contracts can be long or short term. They are also often seasonal so our staff can know to expect the contract to open again during a certain time of the year.

Why do organizations choose project based recruiting?

  • There is no long term commitment
  • The project can be completed within a specified time frame
  • Can be more cost effective then hiring recruiters full time
  • The stress is removed from your team and passed onto experts.

Project based recruiting contracts are great for companies who have positions to fill but don’t want to (or cannot) commit to a full-time employee. Our team of experts do the heavy lifting for you, no matter how taxing the project might be. There is no project that is too big or too small for the Valeo team. Contact us if you think a project based recruiting contract might be right for your organization.

What are the pros and cons of doing project based recruiting?


No Commitment– One of the concerns with finding multiple candidates is actually locating the person who will find said candidates. This means you have to hire someone to hire people. This is a long-term human resources commitment and most people don’t want a temporary job. 

Experts do the work– Sometimes when a hiring project begins, someone gets handed the job of hiring your staff. This means they are distracted from their regular daily tasks and are just trying to get the project complete. They aren’t expert recruiters, they are just the people available to do the work today. 

Expansion of your network – Chances are your team doesn’t have a network of people at their fingertips. This means they hunt job boards, sort through resumes and just look for whoever ends up in their inbox. People who do recruiting for a living already have this knowledge at their fingertips. 

Gained Confidence– As the person in charge of this task, you may have concerns that it won’t be completed properly. This is completely understood, when someone gets into recruiting they realize the complexity of the business. When you start a project based recruiting contract you can know the project is in good hands, and will be completed with excellence. 


Lack of consistency – One of the pitfalls of a project based recruiting contract is that you hire an outside team. If you don’t choose a great organization, you can end up with hiring that isn’t consistent with how you normally bring on staff. 

How does Valeo Resources fix this?

We take the time to learn about your organization, your culture and everything else associated with bringing the best people to your team.

Vendor or Employee? – This is an internal question asked by people who sign recruiting contracts. Am I treating these people as a vendor or as an employee? How close do I work with them? What is their loyalty to my company? These doubts can lead to backing away from contract recruiting.

How does Valeo Resources fix this?

Our team builds confidence that we are (at least temporarily) a part of your team. Everything we discuss is in confidence and we take care to build trust. When you decide to sign a Project Based Recruiting Contract with the Valeo team, it’s because you know we are the best people for the job. 

It’s too expensive – The problem with hiring someone on a contract is that it seems more expensive than hiring someone full time. In other words, the weekly salary of a full time employee can be cheaper than a contractor you hire. 

How does Valeo Resources fix this?

We make sure the pricing of the project aligns with your budget. We also take the time to explain what the true costs of this project are, making sure it’s the right decision for your organization. If the contract price isn’t right, then the contract isn’t either. Every contract is different and we make sure we bring excellent value every time. 

The Valeo Resources team understands that your hiring projects are extremely important to the success of your team. We take care in every contract to fulfill our terms and exceed your expectations. Everyone is different and every organization is different. This understanding is why organizations choose Valeo Resources time and time again. If you want to find out if a Project Based Recruiting Contract is right for you, contact us today.