Substance Abuse and Addiction Center Recruiting


The growth of substance and addiction treatment has grown significantly over the past years. As the medical community becomes more aware of the problems in substance abuse, and how to treat it, the demand for employees increases. This has made finding a reliable staff for many centers a challenge. The Valeo Resources team saw this problem and started to implement solutions for our customers. Our team is ideally prepared to help your organization find the best staff for your Substance Abuse and Addiction Center. 


The key to success in recruiting staff for the substance abuse industry is understanding the unique environment these centers are for both staff and patients. This isn’t like staffing a hospital, urgent care or surgery center. The patients here need a different type of care, and a different type of personnel. Our team is trained to understand what this means, and how to find the ideal candidates that will find the rewards of working in this industry. 


What type of employee placements does Valeo Resources handle for Substance Abuse and Addiction?

  • Psychiatrist & Medical Directors
  • Executives, C-Suite, Management 
  • Medical Staff
  • Clinical Staff
  • Support Staff
  • Administrative & Reception 
  • Human Resources 


What is different about working in substance abuse and addiction?

  • The environment can be unpredictable
  • Proper patient care can make a huge improvement in someone’s life
  • Family and friends of patients might not understand how things work
  • Patients may be unsure if they want care at times
  • Working with patients dealing with addiction can be equally frustrating and rewarding


How does Valeo Resources find the best staff for your addiction center?

  • Learn about your specific needs for personnel
  • Understand the cultural environment of your organization
  • Discussing long term goals and expansion plans
  • Listening to problems you have had in the past to avoid repetition 
  • Using our vast network of professionals to access the best potential candidates
  • Screen candidates based on our conversations to narrow down the pool
  • Help these candidates understand the role they will play in your organization


Staffing for any medical field comes with its challenges but addiction centers bring a unique set of demands. The Valeo team has a complete understanding of what this means which makes us better prepared than anyone. Our team has been trained to understand how to properly interview you and your potential candidates. When you work with us, you are working with the best professionals in the industry. Your success is ours and helping you achieve your staffing goals is what brings energy to the Valeo Resources team. We don’t give up easily and possess the work ethic to handle the challenges of staffing substance abuse centers. Your new-found staff will be the best you have brought on, taking away the stress of recruiting.