RPO Recruitment Process Outsourcing

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Should you outsource your recruitment? If you are struggling to find the best talent in your industry or your new hires never seem to work out, you might need RPO. Recruitment Process Outsourcing, frequently abbreviated as RPO, simply refers to the process of hiring an outside company to help you find the most qualified recruits for your business or organization. Recruiting quality candidates can be time-consuming and difficult, but by outsourcing your recruitment department, you can save time and energy and devote more effort to running other parts of your company.

What is RPO?

Simply put, RPO is the process of transferring recruitment duties to an external company. Often, an RPO provider acts as an extension of a company’s human resources department, helping to find the right individuals for open positions. The right RPO provider will take a holistic approach to recruiting talent, and possess the necessary methodology, technology, and staff to meet a company’s recruitment needs.

Benefits of Partnering With an RPO Provider

At this point, you may be wondering if you actually need to partner with an RPO provider. Companies who partner with RPO providers often enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to real-time reporting and data
  • Reduction in the time-to-hire process
  • Lower hiring costs
  • Improved candidate experience
  • Ensured adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements

The previously listed benefits are just a few of the many you will reap from partnering with an RPO provider.

Project-Based RPO

As a top-tier RPO provider, Valeo Resources understands that your hiring needs may not always be constant or consistent. There may be times when you only need talent during certain periods or a single project. For many companies, this presents a problem. How can you ensure you have access to the right resources to obtain the talent you need during high-demand times while avoiding the costs associated with maintaining a full-time recruitment team? Fortunately, Valeo Resources offers project RPO services you can trust. Our services can be utilized on an on-demand basis, and you have the option to slow down or ramp up the recruitment process when you see fit.

Large-Scale Recruitment Solutions

Valeo Resources has the ability to help you achieve your large-scale hiring goals. Our teams of experienced recruiters have specialized knowledge about a variety of industries. We even have the capacity to host large-scale hiring events at our site or a nearby venue of your choice and attract top talent to the event. Our process includes collecting video interviews, handling applications, and distributing other necessary credential forms. Our team then reviews the credentials of each candidate and chooses the most qualified to return for a final interview. We can help you assemble the team of your dreams in just a week.

Partnering With an RPO Provider

Every company needs a recruitment process they can rely on. By hiring a third party to partner with your current human resources department, you improve company growth and increase profitability. Here at Valeo Resources, we partner with your company to help you successfully identify your recruiting goals and resolve potential issues you may be facing. Unlike run-of-the-mill staffing agencies, RPO providers handle the entire hiring process from start to finish. While you may be skeptical about partnering with an RPO provider, you can rest assured Valeo Resources uses a proven methodology to help you attract exceptional hires.

Get Help Meeting Your Recruitment Goals

If you are considering recruitment outsourcing, Valeo Resources is here to assist you with all your recruitment and hiring needs. We take great pride in helping companies in a variety of industries and we are more than confident we can help you reach your recruitment goals in a reasonable amount of time. Contact Valeo Resources today to get started.